I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Sweden is the place to look to when it comes to great artist. It’s strange to me that Australia aways seems to so slow when it comes to picking up these artists, it’s almost like we’re scared of their brilliance. Well Australia it’s time to open up your ears and let out some love for the Scandinavian nü wave stars, one of the most promising is of course the young “Cajsa Sikk” and her track “State Of Low” is harmonious brilliance.

Best known for her dark-pop tunes Cajsa Sikk is showing off a more delicate and light side to her production with this new track. Delivering a track of delicate vocals Sikk transcends to an etherial level floating in a day-dream.

Romantic string arrangements peeking through lush other worldly beats and harmonious keys meld together into a day-dream world created in the production. Floating in a cloud above the northern lights “State Of Low” is a track that plays with beautiful melodies and lyrics of retrospective longing.

State Of Low” is out now as is Cajsa Sikk’s album from 2014 “Contra“. Check out the dark pop of Contra and the contrast between “State Of Low“.


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