What does an alien, an injured bride, a zombie army and an amputee-hipster all have in common? Well these and many more weird mismatched characters are some of the many things that appear in the video for “Many Things” new video for “Holy Fire“.

It’s an odd collection of characters and creatures but it may just be so odd that it becomes amazing. If there’s one thing that trio can’t be accused of that’s not making a damn fun and interesting video clip. Filmed in Amsterdam a city of gothic architecture and creepy other world locationsĀ it’s the perfect set for this post-industrial dystopian masterpiece.

Oh and by the way, the track itself is also pure gold. Electro sounds collide with one another over a percussion of driving intensity. The track has really made me want to add a trip to Amsterdam into my European plans just so that I can run through the city with this track blasting through my headphones imaging all the characters coming to life. There’s this sense of freedom and fun in the track, an adventurous sense of frivolity is awakened in me.

Holy Fire” comes from Many Things forthcoming debut album “Burn Together” which after this track I cannot wait to hear. The London trio are on fire at the moment with no signs of slowing down (fingers crossed a visit to Australia is in the books too). Check out the mixed collections of creatures and characters in the “Holy Fire” video below.

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