Brissy folk-indie act Fox & Fowl are back with their first release of the new year, and it’s s a whole fresh new sound for the group. Whilst the group’s debut release has a warmer almost tropical punchy feel to it their new track “Eliza” has different vibe to it.

The track is a new territory for the group, with an evolution more towards introducing synths and playing down on the tropical vibes, this track feels more like a wintery jam. The track keeps the upbeat feel that I came to love about the bands track “Jungle Punch” but it’s built up to it instead of coming out of the gates running at you. There’s something about the track which really makes me want to listen to it whilst sitting on a beach wearing my winter jacket looking at the grey sea surrounding me. Not sure where that’s coming from but that’s what I’m getting from the track. The more that I listen to the track the more I think of the sounds of San Cisco’s debut release. It’s got that kind of chilled out reflective vibes whilst remaining upbeat and fun to listen to.

Have a listen to the track down bellow and if you haven’t already take the time to listen to the group’s debut self titled EP which along with “Eliza” is on iTunes.


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