Lovers of the B-Grade horror movie genre rejoice for have I got something special to share with you. Canberra Boys SAFIA got the goose bumps going with their creepy and beyond anything else amazing track “Counting Sheep” earlier in the month. Now ladies and gentlemen the boys have let the monster out of its cage with the creepy ode to B-Grade horror films in the form of their latest music video.

I love B-Grade horror movies, Shawn Of The Dead, Wyrmwood, Zombie Strippers,  Black Sheep (Kiwi’s being attacked by mutant sheep a classic) and this one is right up there with them. Starting out with the simple enough idea of a trucker in a small country town hearing a rattling in the back of a truck. He goes to find a crate that shakes and is tied down with chains. I don’t want to ruin the rest of the story of but there’s big black SUV’s, hypnotic mind powers and some pretty dodgy acting from the boys all over that pulsating, spine chilling track.

A lot of people have been giving the video shit saying it’s a let down, but come on guys you’ve got to take it as what it is. It’s like a Tarantino X Rodriguez Grindhouse spin-off. Yes the storyline and acting is pretty off centre in places, but it’s quirky, and gives you a little bit of “what the hell is this” moments… like all good B-Grade horror movies should. Don’t be taking it so seriously, just enjoy it.


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