Lush, etherial synth magic teamed up with intense slowed visuals, Brissy vibin’ babe JOY. sure does know how to deliver a knock out. Of recent JOY. has been on the move constantly with the nation really getting behind her. Amongst played to sold out shows and appearing across the nation on Festival stages the sock addict ( #FASHUN ) and Nutella Goddess now delivers a heart wrenching, goose bump inducing video to accompany her track “Weather“.

A chilling tale told at half speed the video shows the young artist in overalls ( more #FASHUN ) racing around the house and surrounds first trying to get a response from the people in the house whilst men dressed in all white start to surround the house. As the steady percussion builds and erupts JOY. becomes frantic in her attempts to get the situation under control and save her family. The way the camera follows JOY. with the blurs of motion and other worldly feel to the video perfectly encompasses the vibes of the song.

For someone who’s just seventeen the video is quite mature in its themes and the way it’s put together. There’s some intense feels created here and it’s been giving me goose bumps all day. I am currently in need of much more music / videos from JOY. I cannot get enough. I suppose until that day comes we will all just have to vibe on the intense feels coming out of the Weather video below.

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