When was the last time you felt X? Allie X has been one of the most buzzed about new generation pop artist of the last year. Intrigue and great pop music has followed her wherever she goes. With the release of her debut CollXtion I coming 22nd of April perhaps it’s time you gave a little time to what just the fuss is all about.

The abstract autobiographical first release from Canadians madam of mystery comes as  multimedia experience, think the likes of Bjork and her ambitious and out of the box releases. The story portrayed is that of a girl who spins around so hard that she is separated from her shadow and send to the reverse worlds. The shadow lives in the quote-unquote real world, pretending to be real, and the girl is stuck in the shadow world. The CollXtion serves up futuristic pop with a surgical coolness, littered with medical references and dark imagery contrasting to the bright pop sound. The journey to discovering X is filled with dark corners and shimmering open spaces.

Hello” has a plucky bass with a bright pop chorus that’s dripping in 80’s power anthem vibes. Speaking of giving up on love and the hollowness that it brings but finding new hope in unexpected places the track soars as the Collxtions opener. Echo-y stuttering and Allie’s actually breathes as a key instrumental “Catch” is the track which really put Allie X on the map. Mixed into the bright pop facade are dark surgical references underlying the track, “my hands are tied behind my back // I’m paralysed my heart attacks // I’m screaming begging for the one // that won’t just shoot me up for fun//“.

Personal favourite from the album “Prime” is a shimmering 80’s synth track critical of existence and society, “we are in the prime of our existence // we are running blind with no resistance //“. Buzzing synths and an almost robotic delivery of the hook “forget what I need // give me what I want // and I should be fine //“, the track is almost too pop that’ it’s got to be bad for you.

Guts and gore the dark side of a relationship is explored in the track “Tumor” where a parter is literally referred to as a growth to be removed. It’s a big chorus of full and expressive vocals that burst through after a subdued chorus. “Bitch” is a creepy slice served up in the CollXtion. The dark sexiness of the track with its skin crawling reverberations, effected vocals and a swirling darkness echo long after the track has finished. “Good” sounds out this dark and foreboding section of the Collxtion. Sonically its the darkest of the tracks, with heavy thump and crash bass and drums. It’s also the most apologetic, and emotionally vulnerable of the tracks, “tell my mother that I miss her // tell my father that I tried//.”

The final part of on the first section on the road to discovering X is one of the biggest and brightest “Sanctuary“. Allie talks of finding her safe place with another from those that would seek to destroy or inhibit her journey. It’s a track that needs to be heard, a glittering Emerald city at the end of a yellow brick road. Allie X’s sweet vocals build throughout the verses and explode in these big powerful Whitney Houston-esq chorus’. It’s a track every lover of pop music needs to be listening.

Allie X’s vocals throughout the CollXtion shine like no others in this new era of emerging pop powerhouses. It will be interesting to see how she translates the story and vocals into her live performances. With another 4 parts of the CollXtion (at least) rumoured to be in creation, an expanding group of followers and the people begging to hear more the story of X is a long way from finishing.



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