First things first we all need to take a second and appreciate the beautiful image which I’ve chosen to accompany this piece. I’ll be completely honest it was actually the first thing that got my attention whilst I was browsing the net. Once I got past just how stunning the image was I took a listen and realised that Aussie artist “Adria” is capable of a lot more than just pulling off a great photo shoot. Her debut “Shell” EP is a masterpiece of the alternapop genre that couples soft piano melodies with her warm inviting vocals and gives you 4 tracks of grandeur.

The lead single from the EP “Pull Me Under” is a favourite of mine. You can tell from the opening inquisitive sound scape that draws you in that making it the lead was an excellent choice. The chorus is built up over the soft keys that breaks into a stuttered synth and gives you all the right feelings.

River” features a deep bass line and a chorus that comes crashing into you. River is much more like a tidal wave that comes at you from every direction. The chorus washes over you consuming you in the emotion.

Speaking of that raw unrivalled emotion Adria pulls it off in spades in the latest single “Falling“. The goose bump inducing piano ballad pulls at your heartstrings and demands to be felt.

Young” is a cinematic dream. Adria is painting an artistic masterpiece with each track on the EP but with “Young” there’s something really visual about it. The spiralling dream-like astral synth that plays in the background of the chorus plays on your mind throughout the track. The track has a big, cinematic feeling to it. There’s a nostalgic feeling that runs through it and you can almost see the track painted in sepia tone.

As far as a debut EP goes Adria has tapped into something golden with the Shell EP. The cinematic scope and emotional tugging on heart-strings make me want to listen to the four tracks over and over. I went from being captivated by a photograph on the internet to being madly obsessed with the beautiful vocals and other worldly grandeur of the production. I can only hope that you’ll give the EP a listen over and see what I see and feel what I feel when I listen to it.

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