You know how there’s no such thing as too much support for local acts? Well these two Melbourne locals are well deserving of your support. After dropping critically acclaimed EP’s last year “Banoffee” and “Klo” will be joining forces for a super special one-off show April 4th at Howler in Melbourne joined by the electronic stylings of next to make it big “Planéte“.

So you might ask why this of all events happening in Melbourne on the Easter weekend is something that you should go to? Well firstly these two are insanely talented and their musical skills are off the chain. Secondly this gig is what you may refer to as a fundraiser of such. Every ticket sold to the event will go directly to the artists with managers forgoing their usual taking on the shows so that both acts can get the cash they need to head off on their first tours in the UK coming up in June and July.

Last and by no means least it’s worth it. I think that helping to support local young talent is something that we should all play a part in. Australian artist have never been hotter at the moment so wouldn’t it make for fun bragging rights to say that you supported a local before they got big overseas? Street cred right there peeps.

So there you’ve got three good reasons as to why you should fork out the dough and get your ass down to Howler this weekend. What’s a better way to celebrate your Easter weekend then with good music, good drinks and that warm sense of goodness knowing you’ve supported some great local talent?

Good Manners Music Presents


With Special Guest Planéte

Saturday 4th April | Howler, Melbourne | Tickets


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