Nashville may be the home of country music but has anyone else noticed that stream of new wave pop acts that are coming out of the Country music capital? The latest and the one with perhaps my favourite track so far has to be Cappa (aka Carla Cappa). The light yet powerful track “Hush” is a perfect example of the dreamy pop that’s really pushing to the front of everyone’s attention right now.

Carla’s breathy vocals amidst a deep bass, drum flutters and a light and uplifting classic 80’s inspired synth work in perfect harmony together creating the elegance of the track. Lovers of new wave pop front leader Allie X will fall head over heels in love with the production and tone of the track.

The new wave of pop females like Cappa are only growing larger in their clout and appeal as they step away from a repetitive and formulaic model of what past pop acts have subscribed too. The fresh and bold melodies and artistic videos (like the one for “Hush” featured below) are showing a shift in the way people see pop music, a reinvention that was needed.


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