From malls and street corners to stages in front of packed in people and festival crowds Winterbourne are not slowing down anytime soon. Record contracts and a busy touring schedule whilst coming off the success of their debut EP “All But The Sun” is what had led to them standing in front of me. On stage at Lizotte’s in Newcastle the duo took to entertaining the crowd like they were born to do it.

Before I get into anything I’d like to say how strange it was to be at a show and be sitting down. Lizzotte’s in Newcastle is a restaurant/performance space hybrid. For me someone’s who’s never really done a sit down meal and a show type thing it was really strange to be seated at a table to watch the show.

From the opening strum to the closing round of applause there wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t having fun through the night. I think that’s something the boys bring from their buskers days, they know how to entertain and really connect and involve an audience.

I feel like you can really tell that an act is great by the simplicity of their show. With Winterbourne it’s a stripped back show with the two guys, a microphone, guitars, effect pedals and a mandolin… yeah you read right a Mandolin!!! Talk about cool. The central coast duo are just these two laid back talented guys, they don’t need any big flash or bang it’s a raw talent that drives them. Performing the tracks from their debut EP as well some sneaky extras the boys put on a show that could rival the biggest names out.

Steady My Bones” the latest single really set the place off, there was an electricity in the air that sent jolts of a feel good time through all in the space. The folk-rock Mumford-esq track “The Boy Prince” was another favourite¬†from the night that really bought some energy to the seated audience (once again super weird to be seated when I really wanted to dance).

I don’t think there’s anywhere that these guys couldn’t go. Watching them live you can just picture them on any stage around the world, seriously these guys could play anywhere. Considering we’re only really one EP into these guys constantly evolving life as artist in the spotlight the mind boggles when it thinks of what’s to come in the future. If the guys keep up their insane energy and catchy hooks then it’s going to be a killer ride.


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