A reggae rhythm, soulful and sultry vocals make for an ever perfect combination. Thandi Phoenix has been quite the busy artist, having attained listeners attention in 2014 but not being one to rest on her laurels she’s been busy for the past  creating new tracks as well as touring with Tinashee recently.

Now teaming up with B-Wise Thandi has released a reggae pop groove that gets your attention from the first inquisitive note. “Judgement”  blends the passionate vocals of Thandi with fluid percussive flutters and a snappy synth. B-Wise’s rap verse in the track is also something to note. In the recent waves there’s been a new uprising of the latest generation of Australian hip-hop who have been challenging our often dismissive stance on the genre. 

People should be keeping their eye on Thandi Phoenix as 2015 brings with it the promise of a EP and quite possibly a whole host of more tour dates to come with the year.

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