Stunning beautiful and electric dream pop is something the world definitely needs more of these days. Well it seems coming up to answer my calls for more from the genre is classically trained violinist turned indie-electronic artist Imogen Jones aka Lupa J with the elegant vibes of her latest track “Waiting For Her“.

Through a stuttering synth and vibrating bells Imogen has produced a track which is from a whole world of it’s own. As the track builds you become more and more aware of the subtle sounds that are being created bellow the surface of the track. Dreamy synthesisers, stuttered vocal samples and the soulful enchanting vocals of the young 17 year old come together creating a soundscape within the track that takes you somewhere else with the haunting lyrics of love.

Take a listen to the track bellow and let your ears really open up and take in all the subtle beautiful parts that go into making this song what it is.

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