FKA Twigs has always been an interesting one for me. Whilst her debut album kind of failed to get me into it I never stopped admiring the strange and surreal art (because that’s what it it they’re straight up art) videos that she created. On Tuesday the ever boundary pushing artist released a new track and an accompanying video as part of the “Youtube Music Awards“. The track entitled “Glass and Patron” is just as surreal and strange as you’d expect and the video is amazing.

The track which was written and produced by FKA Twigs and Boots and self directed music video come as the first taste of what will eventually become an EP that is to be released later in the year. It’s a flurry of RNB bass and beats cradled between long minimalist verses as bells chime.

The accompanying video which features FKA Twigs starting out by giving birth to long pieces of multicoloured silk fabric which then somehow comes to her standing as the leader on a panel whilst dancers from various disciplines werk it out on a catwalk before her. It’s kind of like Ru Paul’s Drag Race meets America’s Next Top Model meets So You Think You Can Dance type thing. Either way it’s exceptionally cool an makes me wish that I could dance like that.

I suppose love her or slightly dislike her FKA Twigs will always be an artist that brings the stunning visuals to the party. Whilst I may not be a fan of some of her music (I love this though) you’ve got to admire her.

Check out Twigs giving birth in the forrest bellow in the video for “Glass & Patron“.

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