Kicking ass in her oversized T’s and knee highs 2015 has been off to a stellar start off for local Trap Lord Alison Wonderland. Celebrating the release Wonderland has spent the week with a string of release parties across the nation in the only venues acceptable to a Lord… Strip Clubs. It’s true with the release of “Run” there’s been a chorus of “bow down” echoed from even the most skeptical about Wonderland’s skills. If I had to sum up the album in a sentence I can only think of one that would really suit it;

“An eclectic genre bending album dripping in swag and rolling with the hottest hunnies out there.”

Yep that’s what I’m going with and I’m going to stick by that statement from here on in. Run is an album that transcends the genre barriers that are often placed on an artist like Alison. There’s an eclectic taste of different genres and sounds that you’d hear from contemporary trap music, to some EDM drops and dare I saw it some marching band toms in “Carry On”.

You’ve got to give a lot of respect to Alison Wonderland in the past people are often too quick to pidgin hole artist like her as just a producer. With “RunWonderland shows she’s a triple threat, DJ, Producer and vocalist with the Swag lords own vocals featuring on the majority of the tracks. On the track “Take Me To RealityWonderland’s own vocals are teamed up with the falsetto beauty of Ben Woolner (lead vocals for Canberra trio SAFIA) it’s quite a contract between the two that really makes the track. “One More Hit” and “Back It Up” became instant favourites of mine with the über effortlessly cool deep bass and heavy kicks they’re tracks that don’t ask you to move they demand it.

There’s a fun and frivolous side to the debut from Wonderland, it’s just something you can really get into and enjoy. Songs to play in the car on the way home, tracks to dance to like a lunatic when you’re home alone or in the club, and some that you can mellow out to and just enjoy. Alison Wonderland has proven a diversity and depth to her production and artistry proving she’s not a one trick pony she’s a full blown super star.


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