Zola Jesus“… it’s a name that in all truth I had never heard before and more than likely you haven’t either. In fact if it wasn’t for a friend of mine in Germany sending me a snapchat of the black clad songstress convulsing on the floor (think Lorde’s dance moves times twenty) in one of the instrumental breaks at a concert in Berlin than I probably still wouldn’t of had any clue about her. But he did and I am really quite thankful for this because her track “Hunger” is now one of my favourite tracks.

“Hunger” comes as the third single from her album TAIGA and the clip just like the track is a frantic expression of grace and movement. The tracks drums hit you like a heart attack with lighting fast kicks a pulsing sonic heart attack. Synth chords ring out through the track behind the earth shattering beat. The video clip see’s Zola Jesus dressed all in black in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse pulling out gracefully ballerina meets ninja poses whilst the track blares on. At the midpoint in the video we see Zola explode into frantic exaggerated and almost seizure like movements interlaced with the poised composed poses.

Checked out the minimalistic and dynamic Zola Jesus bellow in the video for her newest single “Hunger“.



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