Inditronica… it’s my favourite genre of all time and the history of anything. Combining everything there is to love about classic Indie pop/rock rooted music with the smooth and building genre of Electronica it brings the best of both worlds together in a fantastic collision to create greatness. Aussie bands have really embraced the genre with Triple J championing many a band that have came forward with this delightful mixture. The latest to take in the genre is Perth’s group “Our Man In Berlin”  and their latest track “Moliére” is a perfect example of how well this genre just works.

Moliére” is an effortless taste of what’s to come from the band with their second EP due for release in the future months. Combining a storyline of tragic manipulation atop heavy baselines, urgent beats and rhythmic baselines the group have created a track that plays with your mind weaving it’s melodies into your brain and leaving them there for days to come.

Have a listen to the track down bellow and while you’re there check out some of the bands previous work and discover why these guys are one to watch in 2015.


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