That folk duo Winterbourne that I talked about when I came back from Mountain Sounds Festival where they throughly impressed me have just came out with a brand new music video for the care-free track “Steady My Bones” ahead of launching into their first headlining. The boys grabbed my attention on the MainStage of Mountain Sounds with their folk-rock sound and the child sized guitar that one of the guys was playing ( I was really in love with that kids guitar to be honest). The video like the track launches us into the adventurous world of the boys childhood and I’m also pretty sure draws some inspiration in places from the movie “The Goonies“. It’s a care-free dive into the world of a kid where everything is a fun never ending adventure, where sticks can be swords and you can go on treasure hunts with your mates based off a map you drew in a book. Winterbourne are just continuing to impress me with everything that I see/hear from the guys, I’m not normally one to take a liking to the folk-rock style of music but these guys create a entire world with their music which just draws you in and makes you love it. “Steady My Bones‘ is the second single from the guys “All But The Sun EP” which is available on iTunes now. Winterbourne are touring extensively on their debut headline tour at the moment, dates and ticketing info can be found HERE and I highly suggest you go see a show. In the mean time grab your treasure map and go on an adventure with the video for “Steady My Bones“.


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