If you love a good synth and 80’s dance sensibilities as much as well as a good british accent then BBC1’s Sound Of 2015 winners Years & Years should be right up your alley. Blending those beautiful sounds of the 80’s with a modern electronic dance vibe the boys have been kicking ass and taking names with their string of online releases and live shows (which they might be bringing to Australia soon). So when I was offered to do a Q&A with Mikey (bass + synths) the only answer was yes, and thus the following occurred.

Hey there Mikey thanks for taking the time to get around to these Questions today I know you guys have a pretty hectic schedule these days. So I suppose I’ll just dive straight in and ask any plans to add Australia to that hectic schedule?
Definitely plans! It’s my dream to come and tour AUS. Hopefully if not this year summertime of next year.

“King” has been getting some great airplay over here and has been added onto the Triple J rotation. Is it weird to think that on a country on the other side of the world there’s people listening to your music?
It is a bit weird but we have sort of come accustomed to it. When we released Real it got on all the blogs around the world. It’s become much easier to get your music out to different places via the old internet.

You guys are really savvy with your social media using it to connect with your fans. Do you think a strong social media presence is something artist need these days? And do you feel like it’s part of what has helped with your widespread success?
It’s definitely a big part of music now, the fans can get incredibly close. It helps in a big way as they can really get a sense of what we are like and connect with that. When we were playing in Holland a few of the fans knew we had a cat and brought us cat food…

In your video for “King” which y’all released along with winning the BBC Sound of 2015 award, congrats on that by the way, you’ve got a bit of choreography going on. Can we expect to see some more choreography in future released from y’all?
We hope so! We really enjoyed doing that. Our songs usually have a sort of dancey beat to them so we can’t see why we wouldn’t use choreography again. Thanks by the way!

Do you have a method to when it comes to making a track. Do you normally find that it starts with a melody or beats or do you approach songs each as their own entity and just go with the flow of things?
It normally starts with a vocal line and some piano parts from Olly. Then we get in the studio and play around with it. Emre has a folder on his Laptop full of beats. We’ll find the one that suits the song and start from there.

Is it harder working as a group when it comes to writing songs and picking which ones you want to put out? I’d imagine you each have differing tastes and ideas. Is it a democratic decision when it comes to music or does one write the lyrics one write the melody etc…?
It seems to work really well between the 3 of us. We all seem to be thinking the same things regarding what we put out.

We all know each other’s strengths and when we write we leave each other gaps to fill.

When it comes to the lyrics Olly writes all those.

You’re touring a lot lately do you have an essentials that come on the road with you?

Lots of herbal teas, whiskey, Nintendo, a gym outfit & a tooth brush…

Get your dance on to the infectious track “King“.



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