It seems that Marina & The Diamonds much awaited third album Froot has been pushed forward from it’s April release date and has now came into full bloom for us to taste. Much like a bowl of fruit salad from Coles, Froot offers us a variety of different sweet and sometimes not so sweet fruit that we can devour like delicious watermelon or pick around like that honey-dew melon. Yes, that is indeed the metaphor I’m going with for this album –  a Coles Fruit Salad pack – ingenious to be fair I think.

Marina brings the emotion with the first track Happy which, despite sounding like it should be a fun and bright vibrant track, is actually a heartbreaking ballad of personal growth. Just as the first track brings you to a place of sadness and heartbreak, the heavy disco with Space Invaders influence title track Froot jolts in to startle you and bring you into the fun loving vibes. Marina has always been able to take her voice to an almost operatic place and this track shows this talent off.

Personal highlights and also other great examples of the fun upbeat Marina that appear amongst the Froot are the tracks Blue and Forget; which hark back to The Family Jewels era of Marina’s discography.  Both these tracks offer us some flaw-free indie-pop examples of what it was that first made us fall in love with Marina. Whilst in Blue, Marina looks back on a relationship singing that she just wants “One more night with you//just cause I’m selfish//I know it’s true//“; in the next track Forget, Marina sings about wanting to forget past indiscretions and just move on. Both these tracks are real standouts on the album and sound like they’ll be great when the Froot live shows roll around.

The album of course isn’t all happy, fun music though. Marina is able to pull on the heart strings and draw out a deeper emotional side in tracks across the album. I’m A Ruin warns any partners that she’ll ruin them if they stay. Minimalist Solitaire sees Marina lamenting being alone and her melancholy feelings towards it all, singing “I covered up my heart in boundaries//and all the fakes they called me cursed//but I am not cursed//“. The album finale Immortal pulls no stops when it comes to showing Marina’s raw, insecure side of Marina which she usually covers with sarcasm, social commentary or in the case of “Electra Heart” creating an entirely new persona to flip a heartbreak around.  “When you love somebody//they’ll always leave too soon//but a memory//can make a flower bloom//we wanna be remembered//don’t wanna live in vain//but nothing last forever//this worlds a losing game//“. We’ve all been there.

Other noteworthy Froot on the album include You Can’t Pin Me Down, another indie-pop track giving the middle finger to anyone attempting to pigeon hole her lyrical stance in the past. Savages is another great track including Marina’s cynical social commentary. I’ve always loved this about this peachy Welsh singer, she’s not afraid to pull punches at anyone or anything.

Overall, if the album Froot was indeed a Fruit Salad from Coles, the majority of this tub would be filled with delicious rockmelon, watermelon, grapes and pineapple with just a few pieces of Froot that aren’t entirely my taste. The album also may actually be just what Marina has needed in order for a less niche market to get behind her here in Australia. Mixing perfect parts of that indie-pop sound which first bought her to our attention, and a little relaxation off the more bluntly commercial sound of her Electra Heart era, Marina & The Diamonds have mixed together a beautiful Froot salad that could actually bring her back to Australia for some shows…fingers crossed.

Marina has always been an artist to experiment with her sound, check out videos bellow taken from each of her albums to present and see which you like the best.



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