BEN KHAN | 1000

So last July Ben Khan’s1992 EP” magically appeared wowed me and made me beg for more. But then there was nothing. Not a peep, not a whisper to be heard about what was to come next from the barely 22 year old UK singer/songwriter/producer. There was an artist who had got me all pumped up and craving a follow up or maybe even some badly filmed youtube videos from a secret underground show somewhere, but instead it was like he was a ghost. That is until Friday when it seemed just as quickly as he had appeared the first time he was back with a new track and the announcement of a new EP coming May 8th and my insides became giddy with excitement.

Whilst the “1992 EP” showcased some glitchy, industrialised mid tempo tracks with some heavy bass and electric guitar work from Ben as well as some NIN vibes in the production work, this new track/EP entitled “1000” (because why not?) is a bit of an evolution. The track comes as an reinvention of himself with heart racing drums, deep and rumbling bass and some stuttered sweeps of synth throughout the track with Ben’s soulful almost blues era vocals.

So it seems his back and he’s gone through a bit of a reinvention whilst he’s been away, I’m over the top excited about this track and what it shows of an artist who’s not afraid to reinvent and push forward into new territories for himself. The track is called “1000” and be listened to bellow and the EP of the same name is due out May 8th.


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