I don’t think there’s been a time in the past where I’ve been more giddy with excitement to talk to an artist before (maybe it was Porter Robinson?) Brissy born and bred JOY. (don’t forget the fullstop) is simply one of the coolest, most talented artist out there at the moment. She’s only seventeen and produces all her own music, has performed on Triple J with Peeking Duck, toured relentlessly as a headliner and as support, and was chosen as to be part of the local lineup on the 2015 Laneway Festival in Brisbane. Oh, and she has the effortlessly cool aura about her that even the most chic fashionista and hipsters struggle to achieve. So it was super cool when I got to get her on the phone and have a chat the night before her last stint on the Flamingo tour to talk about sock patterns, Nutella talk and more.


You’re on tour now with Flamingo with only one date left. What’s it been like being on tour with the boys?

It’s been really fun, they’re super good dudes. It’s always a good time and every show is really fun even when shit fucks up it’s a lot of fun. We’re just all idiots it’s great.

What’s gone wrong on the tour? Anything massive?

Oh yeah, every show something has gone wrong and I’m just like yeah that’s sick. It’s been fun regardless, we just hang out during soundcheck.

Yeah, I saw you put a video of yourself up dancing during their soundcheck the other day.

I was just really bored. I just do weird stuff, especially when I hadn’t slept for like two days I go just a little bit loopy.

After Flamingo you’re hitting the stages supporting Tkay on her national tour, bringing the kick ass girl power to us all. Are you pumped?

I am very excited. She’s like the best girl ever, and UV Boi is a good friend of mine so it’s just going to be like the sickest show ever. It’ll be fun regardless of however it goes, like it bloody sold out like four of the shows. Not just one, four shows like that’s going to be insane.

They’re not like really small venues either so it’s going to be some fair decent numbers you’ll be playing to in the packed out venues. 

I kind of freaked out, cause I was like, “Well, now I need to not sound shit.” It should be really good though.

It’s super cool though to be so young, just seventeen, and you’ll be performing to sold out shows. You got into music really young and made a name for yourself, did you have any inspirations that lead you into this business and to produce for yourself?

I think it was more of just a convenience thing for me. I like to be independent and I hate people doing stuff for me and so it was just like I didn’t really want other people producing my songs for me. I didn’t even really think about it when I was doing it though. I’d just be sitting in my room making sounds by myself into my computer. So, it wasn’t like one day I just said I’m going to be a producer or something, it was just like making a soundscape and then realising, “Oh I’ve just been producing a song and I’ve just got better at it and now I just rock it.”

Well judging by the Stone EP you’re really killing it with your skills now.

They’re cool I suppose. A little weird, but I like them.

You were part of the Laneway Festival Brisbane Local line up. It was a massive crowd to play to, was it a bit intimidating?

It was so messed up. I was wearing this massive hat and I couldn’t really see anyone until I got out there. I would like pop my head around the curtain before my set and the gates had just opened, so I thought there were going to be like two people. But it doesn’t matter cause I still get to hang out with Mac and FKA and whatever. So I popped my head around and I was just doing handstands behind the stage, and I walked out and the tent was nearly full! I just looked up from under my hat and was kind of like “What’s happening?” Next was like, “Oh My God!” But you know it was really fun. I feel like I just perform better with a bigger crowd cause you just kind of roll with it. I played with my band as well. It’s super cool at festivals, it’s just kind of vibe-y, you just kind of let loose a bit and dance on stage. I just kind of grabbed my mic and had fun instead of being nervous just holding my mic and staring at my laptop hoping that I’m singing the right notes and pressing the right buttons. It was cool to just vibe. It’s easier to vibe when you’ve got other people on stage with you, cause when I’m being an idiot they’re just idiots too.

Speaking of your giant hat you mentioned earlier, I’ve seen photos of you from different shows and you seem to have quite a cool and fun style to yourself. When you’re picking out something to wear on stage, do you prefer to go to comfort or stylish or do you find some kind of middle ground? 

Ok this is funny I literally just got back to the shops. I really like to try out different things on stage. I got these massive boots from some company in the UK, like they just sent me these boots and then I wore them for Laneway and it’s really kind of hard to dance in killer heels. I really just like to test out new things. Actually, there was this fan at Laneway and I was fully getting some Beyonce vibes with the wind and my dress was giving some sneaky leg, it was cool. But for the Flamingo shows, I’ve been going for a tomboy vibe and I bought some Adidas and some track pants for them. I feel more comfortable wearing stuff like that cause you can just kind of rap vibe it. Oh, and I wore a kimono in Adelaide.

A Kimono? Where did you get that from?

Flamingo’s manager just had a kimono. It was just like five minutes before my set and I was thinking, “Oh I’m still just in jeans and a t-shirt” so they threw it to me and I just thought, “Okay I’m on, lets rock it.”

Nice. I saw that you’ve been wearing Burrito print socks to all the shows and now I totally want a pair. 

Yeah, I have a weird thing for socks. Today I bought socks with Pugs on them and I have French Fries ones and Giraffe ones. It’s just kind of my new obsession. Socks. It may actually be unhealthy.

I love it, I’ve got a pair with Yzma from The Emperors New Groove on them and they’re my actually favourite.

I love it. Hashtag Fashion.

I feel like we should get back onto music. The Stone mini EP came out in January. What’s the feedback been like? 

It’s been pretty good. It’s a little weird because I thought that no one would listen to it. I keep getting lots of feedback on the sneaky instrumental vibe weird track that I can’t, I don’t even know how to pronounce it’s name. I don’t even know why I called it that but everyone seems to be liking it. I’m really excited to do a full length EP though, because then I can kind of try to vibe out a lot of different sounds and feels and bring them all together into one collection. I like it.

You did a show recently in a stairwell  in Perth. Was it intimidating having people right there all up in your face for the performance? 

I think it was more awkward for them. I was just having a great time and I was like, “You all look so uncomfortable ha ha ha ha ha”. There were about twenty people uncomfortably sweating in this stairwell, stuck to each other watching me for thirty minutes. It was fun though, I like it. I accidentally broke the guitar I was suppose to use, it was meant to be all amplified but then I broke it and I had to get Slumberjack to run from his house with an acoustic guitar. The show had already started and I was just sitting there talking, chilling to myself. Then the guitar arrived and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I really hadn’t planned for it so, I just kind of made up arrangements and some of them didn’t work and it was awesome.

I saw on your Twitter that you’re a bit of a Nutella enthusiast.

Yes!! I’m cut I didn’t buy any today.

Have you tried the Nutella Hot Cross Buns? 

Excuse me? What? Oh my God get in me! No, I haven’t but I need to. I used to think that I was this super Master Chef and I would just get pastry and just shove Nutella and chocolate into it and it would just be like this gooey bundle of Nutella mess.

Maybe you should go on MasterChef?

I feel like if I went on there they would just hate me and be like why are you alive?. Spaghetti with Nutella is where it’s at. People put chocolate with Chilli Con Carne, so why can’t I put Nutella with spaghetti? Cause why not?

Seeing as we were briefly on the topic of Twitter, Twitter is nothing without Emoji’s now. What emoji would you be if you had to pick one to embody yourself? 

I feel like today I would be the red dress girl. I always use it in really solemn texts, well maybe not solemn, but I’ll just be like “What’s for dinner, little red dress girl.” Or “Failed my drivers test, little red dress girl”. It works in literally every conversation. I was thinking before also that there is no middle finger emoji and I feel like that needs to be fixed, because that pretty much is me. It’s really annoying because I just want to sass people and I just have to send the pointing finger and be like “Imagine this is a middle finger”.

I noticed too on your stage name you put a full stop at the end of your name. Does it annoy you when people don’t use it or leave it out or is it there for a reason?

Not really but I still get annoyed. I’m just like *growls*. Well maybe I’m not that violent. It was wicked weird, I was out on the bus and someone noticed me and shouted out Joy full stop and I just loved it. All my friends call me Joy and I mean obviously people don’t say full stop, unless you’re guys on buses, but in articles and stuff they rarely ever use the full stop. I get that when you’re typing it’s hard because autocorrect then automatically wants to make the next word a capital and then I’m always like “No, excuse me, no”. It’s more of a visual thing because I thought it looked cooler with a full stop, but whatever.

I’ve only got one more thing to ask you because I know you’re busy. Do you remember what your first album you bought was? 

Um no. Far out it was probably…. it was probably like So Fresh Songs of 05. I used to just collect all those CDs. Just the hits man, the hits. Oh actually no, it was probably the Barbie album that I bought when I was nine. I had a Barbie party for my birthday and it was one of those mix CDs and had like five or six different remixes of Barbie Girl on it, it was awesome. That’s horrible, I feel like I want to go back in time and change that.

It’s okay mine was Avril Lavigne.

Dude that is awesome. Avril was like ultimate tomboy, skater boi, I vibe on that. That’s going to be my new thing I’m going to vibe on the Avril Lavigne vibe or maybe even start my own Avril cover band, or just pretend to be her. I’m going to pitch that right now to my manager.

Thanks so much Joy. for talking to me, you’re absolutely a doll and I cannot wait to see what comes in the future from you.

Thanks dude it’s been cool. See ya.

Vibe on Stone now:





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