First thing that comes to my mind when I first listened to Canberran Safia’s new track Counting Sheep was “Is this real?” Like, is this real life? Have I died and gone to music heaven? Is this some type of sweet illusion of sickly dark greatness? Well luckily for us all it’s real, it’s here, and it’s the best thing to come out of Canberra since that giant inflatable whale balloon.

This is a Safia like we’ve never heard before. The trio have taken a side step from their usual sound and gone down some type of dark alley looking for this horror-show (and I mean that in the best way possible) sound. Eerie and beautiful string arrangements, a ticking drip in the background and an dark manipulated vocal chanting, “Tick-Tock//Make me creep//Never ending//Counting Sheep//Never get no sleep//“. If there was an Australian version of American Horror Story, I would be very much in favour of this taking over as the show’s theme song.

So the Canberra dudes have smashed it out of the ballpark with this one, and to make it all the more sickly sweet for us all, they’re performing two very intimate shows to celebrate it’s release. Performing in Melbourne and Sydney, the very limited numbered event punters will also receive an ultra limited 7″ vinyl of the single.

Check out the dates below as well the track “Counting Sheep” in all its dark and eerie glory.


Counting Sheep Single Launch

Thursday 30th April | Newtown Social Club | Sydney NSW

Thursday 7th May | Northcote Social Club | Melbourne VIC



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