It’s March and Marina’s Froot of the Month has arrived already. Up until now I had been working under the assumption that Froot was going to be quite a down tempo sombre feeling album what with the promo singles “Happy“, “I’m A Ruin” and “Immortal” all taking in the sad factor. But then the month of the apple came along and with it bought an uptempo danceable track that harkened back to “The Family Jewels” days of Marina… THANK GOD!

The track “Forget” whilst lyrically in places seems to come from a very dark place in Marina’s life “sick of my small heart made of steel//sick of the wounds that never heal//” the track actually comes with an uplifting notion of moving on picking yourself up and carrying on and trying to be the best that you can be “Ain’t no time to regret//yeah it’s time to forget//“. Musically the track seems to be pushing back towards Marina’s first album with the indie-pop inspirations and uptempo feel to the track still with the underlying feeling of melancholy. It’s brilliant, it’s fruitylicious, it’s everything that we love about Marina.

Check out the track bellow get your dancing shoes on and begin the final countdown to the release of FROOT.


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