The mesmerising and talented Eves The Behavior – formally just Eves – is storming forward into 2015 with the release of a video clip for her beautiful and cinematically huge track TV. The track itself provokes a feeling of larger- than-life-on-the-big-screen nostalgia, so it makes complete sense that the video feels more like the scenes from a old Hollywood blockbuster then just a music video.

When I think of Eves The Behavior the first thing I think of is that she’s like if you combined Lana Del Rey, Lorde and Lauren Mayberry into a centrifuge spun it around till all three combined than she would be the end product. Her brooding dark-pop sensibilities that she’s installed into the track “TV” are simply stunning. The track has a very haunting sombre synth lead with an ever present foreboding dark and heavy beat underlying it all.

The video for the track is something to behold too. The video has a dark aura about it, there’s a sadness in the video conveyed by Eves. Filmed in a cinematic scope the haunting lyrics are mirrored in the video with an twisted feeling of boredom, frustration, obsession,and melancholy. Also it’s worth pointing out the little dance movements she plays out through the clip are adorable and perhaps where I most see a little bit or Lorde shine through her with the twitching arm movements.

Check out the beautiful video for TV bellow and be on the look out for more from Eves The Behavior on the horizon.


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