Never in all my life have I heard something so haunting beautiful an soulful. Seriously as you lay awake at night unable to sleep listening to this track on repeat you will feel like you’re in a 1960’s black and white movie or perhaps even something like Sin City. The track is from the duo “Twin Caverns” (Louise and Michael) and it’s a re-working of Kanye West’s smash hit “Gold Digger”.

Twin Caverns have re-worked this song to a place where it actually took me a minute to release that is what actually Kanye’s song, and I love that about it. It’s such a down tempo stripped back minimalistic re-working that it’s unrecognisable almost. As I sit here listening to the track I am just completely in awe of it. It’s such a chilled out vibe that just slows down the entire world around you and makes you take a step back and just relax.

Louise’s vocals whom I first heard live in Newcastle opening for The Kite String Tangle will sent chills right down your spine and into your bones. It’s a voice of old Hollywood beauty, something you could imagine singing in a bar while men in fedora’s and zoot suits sit by and watch the magnificence.

There’s a storm brewing right now and Twin Caverns are getting ready to unleash something amazing upon us. With whispers of an EP coming later in 2015 now is the perfect time to fall in love with this enigmatic duo.


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