Crunchy effected drums, abstract synth soundscapes, little elements of trap and garage pop, yeah Sydney duo Polarheart’s (aka Mary Rose & Chris Chidilac) new track LiveALie is something special. Aussie music is real en-pointe recently, there’s an energy emerging from the local newcomers and Polarheart are defiantly tapping into it.

LiveALie follows the release of Polarheart’s debut single Paralyse and is style change for the duo. Recorded in Sydney at Polarheart HQ and produced by Chris and Matt O’Connor the track features layered distorted vocals coupled with a crunchy and at times dream like Synth work creating a sweet sadness within the track. Throughout the track Mary coos the line “don’t wanna live//don’t wanna live//don’t wanna live a lie//” into your ear the mantra of not changing herself to fit in with her lover “you were breaking//you were breaking//breaking me down“.

PolarHeart mix industrial garage pop beats over the abstract rising synths that echo throughout the song and have created something completely different to what we’ve heard from the duo so far. This little exercise into something new and different for the duo has defiantly wielded a great product. Check out the track bellow and enjoy.



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