My favourite elusive singer/songwriter and producer “Montgomery” has peaked her head out from behind her shroud of mystery and has given us all a present this week in the form of the video for her latest single lifted from her “New Clear War EP”. The video for “Not Around” premiered late last week over on Interview Magazines website in the UK and shows us the story of a past that keeps haunting the singer that ultimately leads into a feeling of hope for the future. 

The clip was filmed in Praga District of Warsaw in Poland on a Kodak Super 16mm film which gives a touch of vintage and a great texture to the imagery of the clip. “Not Around” is a shimmery synth track painted with melancholy lyrics that all has a sense of “suggested hope” as the director Jessica Lawton points out. It’s a love gone sour as what seems to be the two bubbly, in love characters of the past relationship follow the main character around the city, interacting with the down and out “Montgomery” trying to cheer her up and remind her of the past love before it all went wrong. In the end they’re all joined on the rooftops above Warsaw where they celebrate and dance together showing the uplifting promise of a future.

The New Clear War EP was one of my favourite released from 2014 and at “Not Around” was and still remains one of my favourites from the 6 track EP. Montgomery is an artist that just seems to have appeared from nowhere with a fully developed sophisticated sound and imagery set out already and it’s easy when you listen to her why so many people have given her attention so early on in her career. I cannot wait to see/hear what’s next to come from Montgomery because no matter what I’m sure it’s going to be stunning.

Check out the video clip for Montgomery’sNot Around” bellow and you can find her New Clear War EP available now on iTunes.



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