In the year and two days since Canadian Artist Allie X appeared out of the shadows with her breathy and on all levels amazing to the power of 100 track “Catch” the internet has been abuzz with chatter about X and what was coming next. Seeming to appear already fully formed and ready to fill the space where we needed an edgy, arty, boundary pushing musician X gave us three tracks over the past year and now she has returned to the first and given us an stunning visual to go along with the masterpiece.

In the year since Allie X has been known there has always been a shroud of mystery about her with little known about her other then a name and a few social media accounts. The video for Catch reveals X is the most bizarre and beautiful way we’ve seen. In all the official released visuals X has never taken off her glasses yet in the Catch video the shades come off and X is revealed. The video is a riot of twitching, stuttered shots of bold and beautiful imagery which for me gives me chills of an American Horror Story opening credits feel.

Bold, immaculate, beautiful and refreshing Allie X is swooping full guns blazing now that she’s launched into her official campaign for her release of COLLXTION I (Out April 7). She’s creating her own brand of unique art and filling a gap that was left when Gaga decided to go Jazz.

Check out the stunning visuals for Catch bellow and fall in love with the being that is Allie X.

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