First off I think I deserve some kind of credit for surviving in a mosh pit full of screaming, pushing, toe stepping on, elbow to my lower back giving teenage girls for this show. To put it simply the Hordern Pavilion floor was intense what with the opening act being forced to end their set two songs early because people had to be pulled from the crowd from injuries, and that was only the opening act The 1975 weren’t even on yet.

The last time I saw the boys from The 1975 they were playing the main stage at last years Splendour In The Grass and the feeling/crowd was very different. It had only been a few months since their Splendour set but the boys seemed to pull of an bigger and even better perhaps even more mature looking set than I’d seen them do before.

Matty Healy reminds me more and more of Michael Hutchence every time I see him on stage (especially now he’s grown him hair out even more and let it stay with the curls). Taking to the stage with a bottle of red in one hand bounding around the stage taking gulps and dancing like only he can Matty is a born performer and included everyone around him. Commanding the crowd through energy filled tunes like “The City“, “Chocolate“, “Girls” and “Sex” the sold out area was filled with cheers and dancing from all in attendance.

The band also took on some sombre moments with tracks like “Medicine“, “Falling For You” and “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You” which saw Matty on stage with a keyboard and accompanied by a saxophonist. There were some intense emotion filled stuff going on in that arena which is something not many bands can pull off quite like The 1975.

It’s quite easy to see why The 1975 were named the hardest working band of 2014. Their impressive live shows are a testament to their dedication to their fans and all the hard work  that they have put into their group. Matty, Ross, Adam and George deserve a round of applause for their show it was a spectacular thing to wittiness and a great first concert of the New Year for me, can’t wait to see them back here again now next time with Album 2.


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