It’s been well over a year since I last saw WA indie-pop group San Cisco on their national Beach Tour and the group has grown and changed a lot (and I’m not just speaking about lead singer Jordi Davieson going from a fresh-faced looking teen to being a bearded hipster god). Time changes people and time sure had made San Cisco even better, and they were pretty damn awesome before.

San Cisco bought to the Small Ballroom a indie-pop vibe like no other. The night was a showcase of what is to come where the band offered up some raw cuts of the tracks they’d been working on for their sophomore LP along with some natural classics from their self-titled album which gave us the tracks “Beach”, “No Friends” and “Fred Astaire. The group also gave a shout out to where the originated in their success playing the favourite call and answer stalker track “Awkward”.

If what we heard on the night is an example of what their anticipated sophomore album will be then I’ve got a lot of excitement for what’s to come. There’s some impressive drum rolls and some upbeat garage pop tracks coming and we should all be on the look out for what’s to come next from San Cisco.


The Good: The mixture of new tracks and golden oldens to show a definite growth from the group.

What I Liked Not So Much: The stage was set kind of low so from my position in the middle of the crowd I could barely see.

Unexpected Joy: Support act Montaigne, I hadn’t really heard of her before but she’s quirky and brilliant.

Venue: It’s kind of a smaller area than what you’d expect, the stage is cool in that it has steps and two different levels to it, but it’s not that far elevated off that ground so if you’re below 6’1′ you might want to get in early to get near the front.

What I Drank: Nothing, I’m a broke ass bitch who spends all my money on concerts.

Overall: The show left me overly excited to hear the final mastered versions of the new tracks. Hurry up cause I need it.

In the meantime, listen to new track Run:

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