I could probably write a six-page long essay on Marina And The Diamonds and the lack of notability she seems to get despite having some of the best indie/pop cross over songs of the past six years, but I won’t because I’m… well lazy. It has been a while since her last release but the UK/Greek Goddess is back and this time she’s not pretending to be an American Archetype and that’s not the only difference between Electra Heart and her new track ‘Froot‘.

With The Family Jewels album, Marina was indie-pop, Electra Heart was electro-pop scribbled all over while her latest track sees her as a 70’s disco chick. You can perhaps say that she likes to change it up every now and then. ‘Froot’ is a vintage retro throwback to arcade games and roller disco. Not to mention the length of the track makes for a good workout in your neon-coloured spandex. The lyrics detail and compare her relationship to that of a rotting froot (fruit) after saving up the entire summer. Exactly what we love about Marina and the Diamonds, it’s always a frootful listen.

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