It was night two of the weekend and I was back at the Cambridge Hotel after being there just 24hours previous but this time I was there for The Kite String Tangle the electronic/alternate project who in less than a year and with only one released single had taken Australia by storm. The crowd had a lot more facial hair on Saturday night then they had on Friday and I was feeling a little out-of-place with my lack of facial hair but that wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying the night.

The first openers of the night were Sydney duo Twin Caverns. Truth be told I hadn’t heard much about any of the opening acts for the show but it’s always good to go in with an open mind. Twin Caverns played a 30 minute set full of astral-groovy tunes which even featured a cover of Kanye West.   I will admit for the first song they played I was slightly preoccupied with the guys dreadlocks… maybe I had a little hair envy. Twin Caverns turned out to be actually pretty good, both of them are great on guitar and Louise’s vocals are so soulful and beautiful.


The second support to take The Cambridge was Adelaide trio Flamingo. Interesting fact as pointed out by the girls standing next to me, two of the guys were wearing matching underwear. Flamingo were a heavily mesmerizing support act to say the least. They boast a distinctive style of electronica music with some heavy beats and soaring synth progressions.  The group played for 40 minutes with a selection of tracks from their Heavy Steps EP and tracks from the band sound cloud.

The track “Laissez-Faire” was a catchy track boating a steel drum, floor toms and a very satisfying rhythm. Their set ended with their track “I Know” which is taken from their EP and is one of the couple of tracks that they played which boasted a very danceable steel drum sample. Speaking of dancing the lead singer has to be one of the sassiest onstage dancers I’ve ever seen. Upon mentioning the group’s name he struck a pose to mimic that of a Flamingo and all throughout the set he didn’t stop moving, striking a pose here and there whilst holding a glass of red wine he’s definitely got the moves like Jagger.


The Kite String Tangle didn’t take to the stage till just after 11 and by them the room was still buzzing from the energy that Flamingo had just bought to the stage. Smoke smothered the stage as Danny strode onto the stage to stand behind his impressive setup which looked like something crossed between a fortress and the control panel for the Death Star.

It’s a fair impressive sight to see Danny manoeuvre around the stations surrounding him in an almost 180 degree fashion. The sheer number of panels, keys, drum pads alone that I could see would be enough for me to lose my place in, but Danny shifts around throughout the tracks all while singing into one of his two mics.

The Kite String Tangle’s 45 minute set boasted a mixture of some older tracks like “Commotion” the first track he wrote for the project, and tracks from his new EP “Vessel“. The last time I saw TKST in Melbourne the project was really just getting off its feet but was still impressive, now it seems that he has really came into his own and created a live experience that is breathtaking. His new “pro-fresh” lighting which surrounds his setup triggered by cues in the song is beautiful as it changes between colours and patterns. During a performance of the track “What’s The Point” I think I just got lost in the spectacle of the piece. Lights + Danny’s vocals all coming together it was a beautiful moment indeed.

During the set we even had a special guest on stage as Tiana Khasi joined TKST on stage to perform their duet from the Vessel EP titled “Stone Cold“. Tiana was an excellent addition to the set, swaying and bopping along to their track and playing to the crowd.

The two most anticipated tracks of the night were the singles “Arcadia” and “Given The Chance’ which closed the night at The Cambridge. Danny packed every fancy vocal, instrumental and lighting spectacle into these tracks. Given The Chance seemed to have been given a slightly revamped, amped up style for the tour and by the time it got to that part where we knew it was going to be over I really didn’t want it to be.



What I Liked The Best: Flamingo’s sassy lead singers dancing + The Kite String Tangles new “pro-fresh” lights + Danny in general.

What I Liked Not So Much: Nothing… literally nothing… except I had to leave early and didn’t get a chance to try and meet Danny.

Unexpected Joy: Twin Caverns + Flamingo I hadn’t really heard of them before that night but I’ve now downloaded everything they have onto my iTunes.

Venue: Was feeling way like the odd one out being the only guy there not with a beard or a moustache. *Mental Note* grow a beard.

Drink Of Choice: Water *designated driver night*

Overall: The Kite String Tangle is the closest thing Australia has to a musical god, and I would throw all my money at him to be able to watch him perform his tracks over and over.



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