So full disclosure I had never been to one of Andy Bull’s live shows before so I was not really that sure as to what to expect from the night. So when he took to the stage all dressed in black with his hair slicked back and accompanied by a band a whole lot of sass it only took two songs for me to surrender myself to the music and realise just how great Andy Bull is live.

The Cambridge hotel is this pub/club in Newcastle that’s really a fairly small-sized venue for some of the acts that play there, but then again you’ve got to remember this is Newcastle and for some reason people here don’t seem to be nearly as into live music as they should be. None the less the venue gives off this intimate vibe that makes the whole show feel as though they’re performing just for you. When Andy Bull took the stage standing behind his set up at the front of the stage the crowd surged towards the stage anticipating the first insanely beautiful notes of the night.

Andy played a full hour-long set with tracks picked from his latest album “Sea Of Approval” plus some tracks from previous works. Though Sea Of Approval was seen as a departure from his original sound with a more introduced synth direction the album seemed to have been dissected, taking apart to the roots of each track and put back together by Andy and his band in a completely reimagined way. Indeed in parts of the night it felt like this was an entirely different album.


The tracks “Baby I’m Nobody Now” and “Nothing Is Wrong” sent the crowd into a frenzy. There was swaying, there was nodding heads an indeed in the back I even saw some guys going full-out getting way into the tracks. Bull’s vocals were on point as were his band as they played through the extensive set list and with each passing song I became more aware of the genius that was performing on stage. The quirky track “Talk Too Much” which has been a big hit for Bull this year was definitely the best track (well at least for me) of the night it got a great reaction from the crowd but then again it didn’t really matter what he was playing the crowd was enamoured with Andy.

There’s something very quirky, very cool about Andy Bull and his live shows. No matter if he’s playing through some quirky up-beat tracks or taking it slow it’s an impossibility to not be completely taken in by his voice and presence on stage. His Sea Of Approval tour has just a few more dates left to it and if you’re from Newcastle and missed it you may have to wait quite a while till you can see him again.



What I Liked The Best: The vibe. Everyone was really enjoying the night + Andy’s crowd involvement.

What I Liked Not So Much: The girl next to me screeching the lyrics to “Talk To Much” so right into my left ear.

Unexpected Joy: The re-furbished feel of the tracks.

Venue: Maybe the guys are just really tall but it felt like the roof was really low? But it’s an interesting pub/club/performance space and a good set of speakers.

What I Drank: Southern Comfort and Coke.

Overall: Would go back and relive the night 100 times over and still want to do it 100 times more.


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