High-fiving a million angels because NZ duo Caleb and Georgia aka Broods have just released their debut album titled Evergreen out via Island Au/Universal. It’s been a whirlwind year for the brother/sister duo, flying to every which part of the world, being asked to appear at some of the biggest festivals out there and all the whilst finalising the full length followup to their self-titled EP which came out in January. Strange that it’s really been less then a year since we first heard these guys but they’ve done so much and Evergreen showcases exactly why they’ve come so far.

Evergreen burst open with a tribal drum beat and the angelic vocals for the albums lead single “Mother & Father“. The brooding (ha puny?) dark and powerful second track “Everytime” which has now quickly became a favourite of mine is a strong track. Georgia’s vocals call out in the chorus over the brooding synths and a classic RNB drum line. They certainly live up to the bands name reputation over the course of the album producing dark, brooding yet often etherial and angelic tracks, it’s a beautiful contrast that can be heard throughout the album.

Bridges” the track that threw the duo into the spotlight gets it’s chance to shine almost halfway through the record. “L.A.F” is another fave of mine mostly because the chorus is actually cool and fun to dance a little hardcore to like circa 2011 Charli XCX. Whilst the

Whilst the album is full of fun and effortless pop/alternate cross over tracks the album also has it’s own tender moments. “Four Walls” is a beautiful, emotional track where Georgia sings “four walls//are the only place where I can feel// and those four// walls now// are the only place where I can breathe“.

The album comes to an end with a track which really adds a sense of closure and finality to the album. The track “Superstar” is a great ending to the album with a sweet melancholy feel about it, it really seems to sum up the over-all feeling of Evergreen. The track fades out with this last sentence of “it’s the life we’re living now” which kind of gives me the feels of the closing track for (oh god I’m really going to make the comparison please don’t hate me) Lorde’s album “A World Alone” but it’s brilliant and beautiful and just hats off to Broods all the way.

Broods debut album Evergreen is a beautiful, brooding masterpiece of music. The album leads you through a whirlwind of emotion as you are drawn from track to track. It’s easy to see why this brother/sister duo have got so much attention in 2014 from all corners of the world.

Evergreen is out now via IslandAU/Universal Music HERE and they’ll be touring Australia Nationally in November this year. CLICK HERE for dates and ticketing information.


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