Let’s just map this out for ourselves here people, in one year Danny Harley aka The Kite String Tangle has 1. Soared at the top of the Triple J charts with his debut single “Given The Chance“. 2. Toured all the major capitals in Australia at least once if not twice. 3. Played international dates including SXSW. 4. Played at some of the biggest festivals nationally including Splendour In The Grass. But wait hold up here whilst doing that he only had ONE single???? Now that’s something legendary. He’s just released his EP “Vessel” and now I got to have a Q&A with him and let’s be real Danny is a legend.

Alex: Hey there Danny congrats on the release of your EP “Vessel”. It’s been a while coming is there a sense of relief now to have an EP out? Did you feel the pressure to put something out or was it all pretty chilled and didn’t want to rush anything?

Danny: A bit of both really to be honest. I definitely initially felt a whole bunch of pressure to follow up on the single and when I felt like the project was losing momentum I wanted to get something out quick, but I’m glad I ended up not rushing anything and giving it the breathing room that it needed to put together something strong.

Alex: The EP’s name is “Vessel” how’d you come about the name?

Danny: It’s kind of a metaphor for my experience with this project so far. It’s definitely been a massive journey full of crazy experiences and highs and lows, and music really was my Vessel. It allowed me to make this trip and provided me with a journey I’ll never forget.

Alex: Do you have a certain approach you take when it comes to creating your music? Is there a method you follow when writing or does are you a more let loose and what happens happens kind of guy?

Danny: I definitely usually write my beats first and then harmony and melodies after and always lyrics last. I don’t know why but they come the least naturally for me. I have written songs the other way before or even just at a piano or a guitar but definitely the most common process is beats first. I try to write a lot of stuff, mostly unfinished, because I’m of the impression that you kind of have to push through 10 or so crap tracks before you hit something good.

Alex: “Arcadia” is the first track from the EP and you just let loose the video for the track which you referred to as “sexy-sad”. Can you talk us through the idea’s behind the video? And who you worked with to make it?

Danny: We worked with a company hilariously named Fish’n’Clips from New Zealand. It was all shot in NZ. It actually originally involved a little girl reaching for a vase that she couldn’t quite reach and eventually knocked it over and smashed it and it was this quite beautiful metaphor for the song but as the sexy bits got more and more developed the storylines became more juxtaposed and it didn’t quite work which is a shame. However we went with a more traditional storyline in the end but it’s still quite a beautiful clip.

Alex: You’ve had a massive year Danny. I mean with just one single out there on iTunes you’ve already been on so many massive festivals like Groovin’ The Moo and Splendour In The Grass recently where I got to see you perform to probably one of the bigger crowds I saw in the tent that day. What’s it like to have gotten the reception that you have off the release of your first single?

Danny: It’s fairly surreal man. I’ve played in plenty of bands all with the same vision and goal and this is the first project that has really presented itself as a career. I feel like a pretty lucky guy.

Alex: You’ve played some massive festivals, is there one that you haven’t been to yet that you’ve got set in your sights as a must play?

Danny: I’d love to play some really obscure one actually. Something that nobody knows about and is off in the bush somewhere. I reckon those ones are the ones you remember the most. Although Beyond The Valley looks pretty awesome for it’s inaugural year.

Alex: You were at SXSW this year in the states, do you think there’s a different feel over in the states with the crowds. a different energy in the air perhaps?

Danny: Well SXSW is a different energy entirely from anything. It’s mayhem. 3,000+ bands or something. It’s crazy but in an alluring way. Definitely a huge buzz about something everywhere you go. Just different pockets of excitement all over the town. It’s a pretty awesome atmosphere.

Alex: So other then festivals you’ve also had some national tours and you’re about to go on your EP Tour around Australia which has now sold out the majority of the shows. What’s it’s like to know that there is such a high demand for your live shows?

Danny: I remember my first tour that had sold out shows and it was not very long ago. It’s a pretty crazy thing because people will ask you for tickets and you can’t say yes because there aren’t any. After spending five years trying to sell all your friends tickets to see your band that they don’;t care about. Haha. It’s a whole different ball game, it becomes all about delivering.

Alex: You’re coming to Newcastle my hometown too and playing The Cambridge Hotel here. In the past you’ve got a bit of a reputation for the DIY when it comes to your live show lighting and the way the sets are set up. Can you let us in on what we can expect here in Newcastle when you visit?

Danny: Nice observation haha! Yeah I definitely am bring a lighting rig. This one is a bit more professional (pro-fresh!) hopefully. I won’t give too much away or it’ll spoil the impact 😛

Alex: Any plans to stay around Newcastle for a while and check out what we’ve got here?

Danny: I actually have spent a bit of time in Newcastle in the past and I really love it. This time though I have to go home the next day. Although I play there on a Saturday and I feel like it’s going to be fairly hectic. Haha. Looking forward to it.

Alex: Now that’s the EP’s out are you going to stop and let it settle in now before starting work on a full length album or is it an ever ongoing process for you?

Danny: Already working on it ☺ definitely an on-going process. I think if you get complacent that’s probably when you release the really crappy follow up. You know the ones.

Alex: Just a little curiosity of mine was wondering if you remembered the first album’s you owned on; CD, Cassette and Vinyl?

Danny: I actually got asked this fairly recently and I couldn’t quite pin point it but I think it was either ‘Infest’ by Papa Roach or ‘Enema of the State’ by Blink 182. So good.

Alex: You’ve amassed quite a bunch of dedicated fans over the past year or so. Have you had any fan experiences yet that have just blown your mind or stood out for you?

Danny: Definitely. Two in particular spring to mind. One is when a fan got my lyrics tattooed on their back. Which was insane. The other was when a lovely young lady proposed to her girlfriend just before my last song at Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney last tour. Mental and flattering ☺

Alex:Thanks for answering these for me Danny. Congrats once again on the Vessel EP and can’t wait to see you on your national tour it’s going to be amazing! =D

Danny: Cheers for having me man ☺


The Kite String Tangle will be playing at The Cambridge Hotel this week in Newcastle, hurry up and grab your tickets quick before it becomes another sold out show on the list. (Click the image bellow for tickets).



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