I think I’ve decided that Kristafor Farrenkothen is my new favourite up-coming Aussie artist. He’s just 19 and just released his first single “This Fire” which I’ve reviewed earlier this week HERE and to be put simply I’m mesmerised by his music. He’s still young and he’s got a lot ahead of him but we can’t wait watch him evolve and grow as an artist. I got to catch up with him recently and had a bit of a Q&A which you can read right here.

Alex: Hey there Kris thanks for taking the time today. So firsts things first care to share with us just a little about yourself like who you are and how you came to be a singer/songwriter?

Kris: Well I’m 19 and fresh out of high-school. I’m studying at the Australian Institute of Music doing a bachelor of music majoring in Audio Engineering. I work at a small coffee shop in Sydney as a barista and make music in my spare time. I guess I always played music and figured why not start writing and creating songs. So yeah, thats me.

Alex: You’re 19 now, who were your musical influences growing up?

Kris: I had a thing for Coldplay and they had influence in my early days but now I guess City and Colour have influenced my style of playing along with James Vincent Mcmorrow.

Alex: Your music from what we’ve heard so far is a guitar driven sound when did you first start playing guitar?

Kris: When I started high school. I had been taught classical piano from when I was about 6 years old and got bored of that so I needed a change.

Alex: Do you write and produce your tracks yourself?

Kris: Yeah I do. All my music out on the google machine is written by and produced by me but would love to co-write and what not in the future.

Alex: What was the process of writing and recording? Was it done in a studio or home? And what kind of gear and software do you like to use?

Kris: I often start with lyrics and then write the music for it later. ‘This Fire’ was done exactly like that. I recorded everything in my room and did most of the post production either there or on the train between uni and home. My guitar/lover is a Cole Clarke Fat Lady 2 which I got a couple of years ago and is just perfect.

Alex: If you had to send out a singular tweet (140 characters or less) to describe yourself and your music what would you write? 

Kris: I am a very relaxed dude who writes music which anyone can listen to on any given day or at any time.

Alex: What’s it like for an upcoming artist out there at the moment in Australia? What kind of hurdles do you face?

Kris: It’s hard man! I guess the hardest thing is getting enough people to listen to you break through the threshold and into the industry

Alex: “This Fire” was released this week and it’s got beautiful melodies and a wonderful sound behind it. Care to tell us a little about the track, like how it came to be?

Kris:Well it’s all about an individuals inner struggle with the world and how they learn to cope and eventually move on and forward. The song came about one afternoon after i wrote down the chorus and the rest kind of fell into place all within an hour and then I recorded what I had. The rest of the production process, refining, re-recording etc. took a long time but it was so worth it.

Alex: Are there any plans in the future to create some visuals to go along with your music?

Kris: Not at the moment but I guess having some kind of clip or something would be pretty rad.

Alex: What’s been your favourite concert or festival that you’ve ever been to?

Kris: Favourite concert would have to be James Vinent Mcmorrow at the Opera House in Sydney earlier this year. It was such a beautiful performance. So pure and emotional. It was the first time I have ever almost cried at a live gig!

Alex: If you could collaborate with any artist out there at the minute who would be the top of your list?

Kris: Top of my list would be Dallas Green aka City and Colour. His lyrics and melodies are just so amazing, I’d learn so much and we’d create a beautiful love child as a result.

Alex: This is obviously just the start for you and your career, what lies in the future for you?

Kris: Who knows! By the end of this year I hope to have another single done and an EP pretty much finished and ready to go by the beginning of next year. So fingers crossed that that all happens according to plan!

Alex:Where can people out there find you on the web?

Kris: uhh..



Alex: Thanks dude can’t wait to hear more from you.

Kris: Thanks for the chat.




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