Canberra trio Safia have been having a stellar year in 2014. They’ve opened for Lorde and Elizabeth Rose, released some hot new tracks into the world, been announced on some massive festivals this year and now they’re about to embark on their second national tour of the year… did I also mention they have a new single “You’re The One” out soon too? With their schedule getting more and more hectic as we get into the last part of the year lead singer “Ben Woolner” found some time to answer some questions for us.

Alex: Hey there Ben it’s been a busy year for you guys, it doesn’t look like you’ve taken much time off at all. Your new single “You’re The One” that you guys played during the last tour with Lorde is coming out soon, can you tell me about the influences behind the track?

Ben: Not sure what the influences are to be perfectly honest, sounds more like a Queen song than anything else haha. it’s a track that came together over a period of time and is even very different now to when we played it at Lorde. The whole concept behind it is that we wanted to focus on live elements more, there’s a lot of electronic music & producers around atm and we want to separate ourselves from that movement a bit. so for this track we recorded all the parts live rather than programming it on a computer.

Alex: Is the single going to serve as the start of something bigger? An album perhaps?

Ben: Possibly, the best thing about being independent is that we call all the shots, we very much want to do an album it’s just all about timing 🙂

Alex: Speaking of “You’re The One”, you guys have been teasing a video for the track on social media lately. I’m talking about the image that looks like a street riot or something going on. Where did you guys film the video and can you tell us anything at all about it?

Ben: We are so excited about the video, we work on all our own video’s with some of our best mates who just happen to be film makers haha. We want every one of our clips to be as much a part of the release as the song itself. The song has a sort of sad but epic feel about it so we though why not make the most epic clip ever! We shut down a street, got 100 friends as extras, got an ambulance, fire truck, police car, flares and shot it all in one take with no edits.

Alex: You guys work as a trio, do you each have your own role within making tracks? Is it a democracy when it comes to the process or do you each have a role?

Ben: It works differently from track to track, it helps that everyone in the band is a great song writer & producer and we’ve been friends since we were 12 so we work together super well.

Alex: Y’all have been touring like crazy this year, you’ve had your own promotion tour for your last single, you’ve also toured with Elizabeth Rose and Lorde as well as appearing at Festivals. Are you guys use to now just being on the road all the time?

Ben: Yep pretty much, i can never get used to getting up early every day to make our flights though, i like my beauty sleep haha.

Alex: This new tour starts in September and you’re going to visit the majors on the East Coast as well as Perth. Are you all excited to be back on the road so soon again?

Ben: Yep despite the early starts we love to travel and play shows all around the place. It’s such a rare opportunity to be able to do what we do so we’re just embracing every last bit of it while it lasts

Alex: I think the first time that I saw you guys live was earlier this year on this little stage on the top-level of King Street in Newcastle supporting Elizabeth Rose, and then saw you supporting Lorde in Newcastle. It’s been amazing to see you guys grow and come into your own sound in such a short time. Are there any new little surprises we can expect on this tour?

Ben: We always like playing new tracks each tour and mixing things up, they’ll be new stuff no ones heard before, hopefully a visual and lighting show too.

Alex: As well as the national tour, you guys have been announced at Falls Festival at the end of the year. That’s some pretty big news, do you think there’s anything different between your festival shows and your concert shows?

Ben: Yes we are going to make Falls our best shows yet, we will spent a lot of time and money to make these shows the most memorable yet, we can’t wait its going to be epic!

Alex: Have you guys had a stand out moment in the past whilst on tour?

Ben: Playing at venues like the Hordern & Festival Hall for Lorde were pretty surreal. I never thought we would get to play at venues like that.

Alex: When you guys do head off on tour, is there anything that’s a must have for when you’re packing?

Ben: Phone charger (i always seem to forget it though), we also need our old favourite albums when in the car, we like to reminisce on road trips.

Alex: Thanks guys for answering these questions for me. Cannot wait to see you guys on your National Tour this September. y’all are going to kill it on stage as always.

Ben: Thankyou for taking the time to interview us 🙂 x




Catch Safia on their National Tour later this year and don’t forget to preorder their new single “You’re The One” before it drops September 12. TOUR TICKETS HERE!!!


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