Who doesn’t love stumbling upon an exceptionally talented young singer/songwriter whilst they’re trolling around the sound cloud world. Kristafor Farrenkothen is an 19 year old singer songwriter based in Sydney who’s guitar driven track “This Fire” is a beautifully crafted track that demonstrates a real talent in such a young artist. Kristafor has spent the past three years honing his skill and exploring his love for the guitar which has now lead him to the release of this track, and it’s a track you’ll want to hear.

This Fire‘ is a delicate delight for your years. When I first listened to it to be completely honest I thought it was kind of amazing. Kristafor’s vocals have a beautiful soulful quality about them which is like liquid gold for your ears. Nearing the ending of the track there is the introduction of piano keys which weave beautifully into the acoustic guitars melody.

Kristafor will be releasing his debut single “The Fire” this week at The Loft – 51 Kedumba Crescent, North Turramurra on the 30th. It’s just $10 to to get into the gig and I’m putting my money you won’t regret it.





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