I feel as though if you’re an Australian and you haven’t seen Kate Miller-Heidke perform at least once in the your life then perhaps you’re doing something horrible wrong with your life. Taking to the stage at Newcastle City Hall on the 22nd of August with just a piano, her husband on guitar and a bouquet of flowers woven into her blonde hair Kate amazed the audience with her powerhouse vocals and even conjured some laughs from the audience with her wit.

Support for the night was offered by Ryan Keen who you at home might not exactly know by name yet but perhaps you’ll know who it is once you’ve listened to his track “Old Scars“. The UK singer took to the stage with just his guitar and his good looks to perform a stunning acoustic set for the audience with tracks taken from his debut “Room For Light“. Barefoot (he explained it’s because it’s easier to use the foot pedals for his bass and synths and not intact some strange british thing) and rugged he’s voice projected throughout the venue even when he unplugged and walked away from the microphone. I’ll have to admit that I went in having no idea who he was, but when I left I wanted more and thankfully he’s coming back soon with his own tour, DATES HERE.




When an artist takes to the stage with just a guitar, piano and a tambourine then you know that it’s about to get real up in this place. Kate bowled me over and blew me away with every single track that she performed. From my seat up in the viewing gallery her projection was so powerful that I even doubted that she’d need the microphone in order for everyone in the venue to hear.

Over the hour and a half set Kate performed a mixture of tracks from across her 5 album career. Showing off her operatic vocal control and amazing ability behind the keyboard there was never a dull moment during the show with the audience glued to their seat (however during Kate’s Eminem cover of “The Real Slim Shady” something you wouldn’t really expect to hear at the show, there was one girl near me who I through was going to jump off the balcony from the excitement).

Track like “O Vertigo!” and the acoustic beauty of “Sing To Me” were beautiful starts to the night. She shared stories with the crowd about a kid in high school who emailed her about wanting to perform her track “Caught In The Crowd” at his school assembly but had concerns about using “Sex Pistols” in the song. I didn’t expect it from the night but Kate really has a wicked sense of humour to match those vocals which is showcased in the hilarious and amazing track “Are You Fucking Kidding Me” a song about Facebook and exes a stand out track which is beyond brilliant.

The night ended a huge track and arguably one of Kate Miller-Heidke’s biggest tracks to date the piano ballad “The Last Day On Earth“. It was a tender, emotional moment in the night where it seemed like people in the audience were all trying collective to not just burst out into tears.


Kate Miller-Heidke has got to be one of the best if not the best artist that we have in this country. Her vocals can be surpassed by no one else in the country, and when matched with her outstanding song writing ability it is clear to see how truly talented she is as an artist.



What I Liked The Best:Are You Fucking Kidding Me” and the amount of times “fuck” was said throughout the show… 19 times… I counted.

What I Liked Not So Much: Setlist didn’t include “Words” or “Drama” but I suppose we can’t have it all.

Unexpected Joy: Ryan Keen… he’s a babe and great voice.

Impression Of The Venue: Not at all what I was expecting, but in a good way.

What I Drank: Vodka and OJ.

Overall: Fabulous night, stunning performances all around.

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