UK indie-electronic duo Avec Sans have unleashed a brand new gift of epic proportions onto the world with the debut of their new single “All Of Time” over on Gigwise. The track has been teased for a few months now with release push backs but fans of the duo that recently opened for Kate Boy in the UK were relieved with the news last week that the song was now on iTunes preorder ahead of its September 12th release.

Avec Sans are still relatively new on the scene but the duo of Alice Fox and Jack St. James have been working their asses off creating beautiful self-produced tracks as well as amazing remixes and covers. The duo have played a number of shows across UK and some parts of Europe and stunned audiences with their crystalline vocals and amazing production.

The single “All Of Time” demands your attention from the start. It tells you to dance like you’re in a a world of your own creation. Starting as an ethereal and tender buildup, the track then explodes like light reflecting off a disco ball. The chorus boasts big disco/electro feels and Alice’s voice pleads over the whirlwind of synth and drums. It’s a beautiful masterpiece of huge pop music – Avec Sans have most certainly hit gold with this song.

Check out the beautiful whirlwind of a video for “All Of Time” bellow and don’t forget to preorder the track on iTunes HERE!

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