Taylor Swift has conquered the worlds of country music and the cross over country-pop genres winning awards left right and centre and selling out stadiums on her recent Red Tour, now Miss Swift has got her eye firmly set on the pop world. During a lifestream Taylor took the time to release her new song “Shake It Off” + an accompanying video as well as announcing her new album titled “1989” and saying that it would be her first purely pop album.

First thing is first and we shall start with the new song “Shake It Off“. The track is like some campy (in the best way possible) 80’s pop track that is just set to become your guilty pleasure the instant you listen to it. The song is about shaking off the haters and being okay with yourself, not caring about what people say. Swift laughs in the background whilst singing the line “I go on too many dates//but I can’t make them say//at least that’s what people saySwift is tackling the haters and she’s coming out on top obviously. The swinging pop track comes to an bridge of drum and clapping that’s reminiscent to Toni Basil’s hit “Hey Mickey” where swift sings, “My ex man bought his new girlfriend//she’s like oh my god//I’m just gonna shake//to the fella over there with the hella cool hair//come on over here baby we can shake, shake shake“.

The track is pure fun which is shown further with the video that was also released during the lifestream. The video see’s Swift set on a white backdrop and changing between her trying to fit into groups of RNB dancers, ballerina’s and contemporary dancers. Ultimately she fails and instead dances just as she wants to shaking it.

Not only did we get the announcement about the new track we also got the name and release date for TSwizzles 5th studio album. The album which is entitled “1989” (the year she was born for those playing at home) is set for a release on October 28th which is just enough time for Taylor to appear at the VMA’s for a performance and release some promo singles for the album. You can now pre corder the deluxe edition of 1989 on iTunes HERE and get an instant download of Shake It Off to dance your ass off to.

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