Porter Robinson‘s debut album “Worlds” is something to be amazed by. The album takes all preconceived notions of what an EDM artist is and flips them on their head, ignoring the clichés and going against the grind to create something which sounds more like a soundtrack to a great video game or anime than an EDM album.

Worlds takes a departure from what you may have previously heard from the 22 year old producer. The album harks back to Robinson’s childhood, taking notes from classic video games and animated shows to deliver a beautiful retro yet modern feel.

The albums opener “Divinity Feat. Amy Millian” is a head bopping piece of electro which is coupled with muted synths. “Sad Machine” a recent single from the album sees Porter duet with a vocaloid which, for those unfamiliar, is basically a computer generated vocalist like Japanese star “Hatsune Miku“. The track is a beautiful piece of music that you would think would be found in the soundtrack for an anime than anywhere else.

Tracks like “Lionhearted feat. Urban Cone” and “Years Of War feat. Breanne Dure and Sean Caskey” are tracks that you wouldn’t expect to find in the genre, leaning more on the synth/electro/alternate side of the tracks with Lionhearted serving a massing anthem feel. Robinson hasn’t been constrained to any particular genre or style and instead has forged forward with his own personal aesthetic.

Flicker” is another stand out track from the album. The track uses a translator program which has been chopped, glitched and otherwise manipulated to create a cool, glitchy Japanese sounding lyric. “Fellow Feeling” a brooding and sad track sits near the end of the album and is an intensely interesting addition to the albums feel when it changes into a chaotic cluster of buzzing elements.

Worlds” is an album of soaring synths, wind chimes, and stunning production elements which seems to be centered around an 8-bit heart. The album immerses you into a fictional world of Porter Robinson’s creation, a world of fantasy, action, and a certain sense of the unknown. This isn’t an album that you’d expect however, it’s an album that will excite and thrill you and bring back a flood of childhood feels.


Ed: As a bonus, a video for “Flicker” has just been released – check it out!


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  1. daffandfinch says:

    Totally agree with you here, such a good album!!

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