BEN KHAN | 1992 EP

Ben Khan” is one of the new names making the rounds on social media at the moment following the release of his first EP “1992“. The London based synth/electronica/soul-pop artist’s new EP which was released via Dirty Hit / Caroline is 12 minutes worth of dirty, glitchy funk layered over some more classic RNB beats coupled with soulful beautiful vocals that kind of give me some feels of another recent UK hit singer by the name of “Sam Smith“.

The EP’s opener “Youth” opens with an etherial/other word feel to the track. Khans’s vocals is worked over some simmering astral synth chords before a funk hip-hop beat hits in with the verse. The tracks moves along with a great beat and it’s something you can really get into and groove too which is something that a lot of Khan’s music has. Track number two “Savage” is a dirtier feel then the light and dreamy preceder. Khan’s love from glitchy production elements is at the forefront in this track and for he plays a rather chilled guitar riff in the track (Guitar is Khan’s favourite instrument to play). I’m not quite sure why it is but listening to this song I want to put it on in my car and do a real slow drive down the foreshore on a sunny afternoon… that might just be me though…

Eden” a track that grooves along and then features some very loud and out of no where scream samplings is track number III. It’s a step down from the other tracks on the EP. There’s so pretty chill bass work done on the track and some low grumbling synth groans and a wobbling higher chord progression, but it’s just not my type of track. The last track on the 4 set EP is “Drive Part 1” a song that as described by my friend Sarah who was listening to the EP with me “makes me wanna slut drop down low and twerk on that bass” which I’m not going to lie is something that I could totally do also. The bass in question is a stuttering low shake the walls baseline which feels great. Khan again shows off his production talents on this track as well as playing some more guitar riffs. Khan’s vocal work is smooth smokey and sexy while he sings “lets have sex in the back seat” on the track and it’s a beautiful end track to the EP from him.

Ben Khan is still fairly new to the scene and by all reports he’s actually a little shy having not yet performed the tracks from the 1992 Ep live yet which is a shame. The EP is available now on iTunes right HERE and I’m hoping Khan can pull through the shyness and get on stage sometime soon because I can’t wait to see a live show from this young artist as well as some more tracks in the future.

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