Dami Im is back and she’s in fighting form with her new track “Gladiator” which is set for release via Sony Music on the 8th of this month. The track which is to be part of Im’s new album which is set for a late release this year according to the press release for this track is something amazing. Dami is coming into her own with this track, her vocals soar above the drum claps and buzzing bass of the chorus and it’s the song of an true powerhouse artist on the rise.

The track which is produced by Swedish song writers Trinity Music (Yay the Swedish produce the best music) who previously worked with Dami on her track “Superlove“. There’s this soaring chorus that leaves you feeling a sense of empowerment and singing along to “I will fight for your love//like a Gladiator“. It might sound strange but I swear there is some type of Sia-esq feel to the track which is really cool and makes it super catchy.

If there are more tracks like this ahead for us from Dami Im then I am ready because this is a beautiful strong song that demonstrates the power of her vocals and reminds us why we voted for her to win the X Factor AU. You can pre-rder the track HERE ahead of it’s release and check out the snipper from Dami’s youtube account below.





2 thoughts on “DAMI IM | GLADIATOR

  1. Have to agree that it does have a little of Sia resonating there (which I also loved)… after hearing the whole song on radio tonight, I thought maybe even a little Cindy Lauper there, which is a complement. Love the song, now roll on 8/8. One other thing is, I hope to god Sony for a change has a quality MV this time out, sell it Sony.

    PS: nice blog mate

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