KATE BOY ARE BACK!!! It’s been a little over a year since we last heard from the Australian/Swedish synth-pop group but rest assured they have not stopped working. With a string of Festivals over Europe and headlining touring in Europe and America the group have just released the first single from their upcoming new album! The single is the first to arrive since their singing with Fiction Records/Universal Records last year. The track in question is called “Self Control” and it’s a slice of euphoric synth-pop that’s a gift sent from the heavens.

The track is a groovy piece of electronic-pop music with a baseline to move you and sounds just like it’s straight from the eighties. Just while you’re grooving along though the chorus hits in with the amped up synth and drum explosion that we’ve come to love from Kate Boy. The track feels a lot more liquid and fluid then the previous edgy track “The Way We Are” and seems to hark back to their earlier material “Northern Lights” and “In Your Eyes”. The chorus hits with a very danceable beat that perhaps would be great to dance to around a bonfire in the summer with mates.

The more music I hear from Kate Boy the more excited I grow for their impending debut LP release and hopeful Australian tour. Check out the track bellow and have a little dance around to it if you’re anything like me, you won’t regret it. The track is available for download on iTunes HERE!




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