Well it appears that whilst “Lily Allen” was getting up to a lot more then just playing to massive crowds for the first time in 5 years at Glastonbury this year, it appears she was also recording a music video. In the final hours before Lily was set to take the stage at her first Splendour In The Grass side show in Melbourne the tweet went out and the video went live for all to see.

The song “As Long As I Got You” is this kind of upbeat, slightly country-twang to it track from the album “Sheezus” which is all about Allen’s admiration for her new life as a mother and most importantly her hubby.

The video opens with Lily holding up photos from her past Glasto experiences and lamenting on how much things have changed over the past five years and telling the camera that Glastonbury is special to here as it was where she met her husband. Allen sports a faded red pastel shaded bob and sequinned top as she strolls around the fields of Glastonbury singing the chorus with interlaced shots of festival goers getting down in the muddy mess and having what can only be describes as a legendary times at the festival.

Lily is in Australia at the moment as part of Splendour in The Grass festival this weekend in Byron Bay as well as performing two shows in support of her album “Sheezus” in both Sydney and Melbourne in the lead up to her Sunday headliner spot.


SHEEZUS is currently available for a limited time for only $9.99 in the iTunes store HERE!!!!


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