Jonathan Boulet” is back fresh off spending time in Germany to record his next LP and announcing his East Coast Australian Tour the for the support of his third EP “Gubba” which is due out July 18th via Popfrenzy records (HERE). Maybe he’s been hanging out with some crazy Germans whilst he’s been recording this album cause he’s sound is a lot harder, edgier and in your face then anything you’d heard from Boulet before. I was lucky enough to get to have a little Q&A with the singer ahead of the LP release and lets just say he’s one of the most interesting people you’ll ever hear from.

Alex: I suppose the first thing I really want to know is who or what is “Gubba”? Or is that something we have to listen to the album to figure out?
Boulet: Gubba is an indigenous slang term for “White Man”. Used mainly by the tribes in the South Eastern parts of Australia. I believe it was derived from the term “Government Man”. But the more I say it the more it’s starting to take on a character in my mind. He’s taking the form of this kind of paranoid schizophrenic, monstrous, dark force, party dude that does all the ludicrous things our sence of self preservation stops us from doing. He’s foaming at the mouth, ear to ear grin, covered in full body hair, black teeth and huge bloodshot eyes. No one’s ever seen him but he leaves a trail of destruction where ever he goes.


Alex: You recorded the new LP in Germany, correct? What’s it like working on an album in Germany? I imagine it’s a different feeling then writing at home?
Boulet: Of course it’s a different environment. It looks different when you look out the window. The area it was in did feel quite desolate and abandoned to some extent but that evoked a sense of getting away from everything. It was a nice feeling. Even though ‘metal band x’ was rehearsing directly next door sometimes…. But really, the same things are happening in the studio that would be happening anywhere. While making this stuff I was mostly thinking about live shows. Would this be something I would want to see live? Would I react to this? Is this shit?
Alex: Your other work was recorded in DIY studio spaces, did you work in Studio’s in Germany or still some less conventional spaces?
Boulet: Our building was a huge office block type deal with hundreds of office rooms for bands to use. They were just naked, solid concrete rectangle rooms. And for people who know anything about sound treatment and acoustic properties, they’re thinking, “that’s the worst thing you could have”. We did all we could to kill the reverberations in the room but there were definitely a lot of sonic abnormalities and inconsistencies when it came to recording. All of which were fixed in post.
Alex: The album’s out July 18th, do you have any plans on how you’re going to celebrate the release?
Boulet: July 18th is Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday. So I guess I’ll get up nice and early, get blotto on drugs, wander around London verbally abusing passers by with my worst cockney impersonation, make out with a homeless guy, fight a chav, and pass out in the bath by 2pm. Sleep it off and do it again.
Alex: If “Hold It Down” is anything to go by the new album is going to sound a lot heavier, chaotic and an aggressive pop sound. Would you agree? Or if not what can we expect from the LP?
Boulet:Yes I agree. Agro pop. It’s heavier, it’s louder, it’s more fun, it’s more dumb, it’s short, immediate, fast and slow. I feel like more and more people are getting over the ‘safe’ pop music. It’s not exciting, un-motivating and just straight out weak. I’m not saying ‘Gubba’ is any different, but let’s just hope by talking that way people will start to believe me.
Alex: From the new album is there any tracks which stand out to yourself as favourites?
Boulet: Totally. ‘Strut King’ is one of my favourites. It’s a downright dirty groove for those times in life when there isn’t anything left to do but strut. Also there’s a couple short ditties in there that I’m quite proud of.
Alex: You’re touring the East coast of Australia throughout August, are you pumped to be back and playing again to the Aussie crowds?
Boulet: Most certainly. It’s been a while and I hope nothing has changed. I whole heartedly endorse any and all heckling. Especially when it’s in the mother tongue.
Alex: What can we expect from the tour? Will we be hearing some works off your other albums or will it be purely focused on “Gubba”?
Boulet: We’re going to do 1 or 2 old songs. But really, once you hear ‘Gubba’, the old songs will become redundant. I apologise in advance to all the people who come expecting to hear old stuff, but time goes by, only for a moment and the moments gone, dust in the wind.
Alex: What will the future hold for you? Can we expect some more festival appearances in 2015?
Boulet: Shows, shows and more shows. Festival appearances? Yes please. I’m well excited for festival appearances, that shit is going to be insane.
Alex: Thank you for your time today for answering these. We wish you nothing but the best with the Gabba release and hope to see you performing live very soon.
Boulet: Many thanks. See you soon. Take care of yourself and click clack front and back. Slip slop slap.



Jonathan Boulet’s GUBBA TOUR

Northcote Social Club, MELBOURNE, August 15thTICKETS

Pirie & Co. Social Club, ADELAIDE, August 16thTICKETS

GoodGod Small Club, SYDNEY, August 21st – TICKETS

Black Bear Lodge, BRISBANE, August 28thTICKETS

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