Orphans Orphans” is the newest group to come out of Brisbane, emerging from the smoke boasting a lineup of 5 different members from very different groups as a home for the tracks which didn’t sound like the bands they were playing in. The lineup is Sam Hales (The Jungle Giants), Lewis Stephenson (The Belligerents), Spencer White (Morning Harvey), Aidan Moore (Moses Gunn Collective) and Steve Kempnich (Audio Engineer/musician & former touring member of Last Dinosaurs and Millions). I was given the change to have some Q&A with Jungle Giant turned Orphans Orphans member Sam Hales recently and he had some great experiences to share about touring, recording with the new group and wanting to own a sex temple on a mountain in Tokyo.

@!EX: Hey there Sam! Thanks so much for taking the time today. You’ve just released your first track from the EP that’s coming out in September. Is it a busy time now for the group?

SAM: Not too busy at the moment. Right now we are just waiting for the whole EP to be out and setting up for some shows.

@!EX: As a group you come from different bands and different styles. How did you come together?

SAM: We all met at gigs and parties around Brisbane. The music scene is pretty tight knit so we all kept running into each other. Eventually we all just started hanging out heaps and now we live together.

@!EX: How would you described the sound you create when you come together?

SAM: Well we all bring something different things to the group. different influences and ideas. So when we write we try to mix it all into something we all like. It’s cool working with 5 songwriters in one band. We come at it from different angles but we eventually all get on the same idea in the end.

@!EX: The name’s an interesting one… “Orphans Orphans”. Would you mind elaborating on how the groups name came to be?

SAM: Well we had our hearts set on orphans. And we realised the name was taken by like 1000 bands when we googled it. So we just settled we “Orphans Orphans”. It also ties in I guess with the idea of us using songs that we had written that had no place in our other projects.

@!EX: The video for your first track “Orphan” has premiered on FasterLouder and was filmed in your hometown of Brisbane. The video seems very chaotic and dark and like something you’d see as the opening credits on a HBO show like American Horror Story or True Blood. What was the treatment for the video?

SAM: Well we pretty much gave the song to our friend Michaela Holmes. She had never made a music vid before but she showed us some of her ideas and we really liked what she was doing.

@!EX: You are set to play at BIGSOUND Music Conference in September. Is there anything special that we can expect from your appearance?

SAM: Hopefully a cool light show and a nice rock show for you.

@!EX: Can we expect a tour to come with the September release of your debut EP?

SAM: Yeep we are organising it now. Really keen to get on the road and start playing a bunch of shows.

@!EX: All your music is self produced in bedrooms, garages, and the occasional studio space. Working like that would you say it’s influenced the sound of your recordings? Does recording in those kind of places add to the “Orphans Orphans” sound?

SAM: Yeah for sure. For particular songs we would have a space in mind, for drum sounds and things like that. I really liked the process. It kept us thinking about new sounds.

@!EX: Speaking an individual, what’s been your best and worst experience playing live?

SAM: My favourite might be playing Groovin The Moo tour this year. It was such a good tour. The organisers go to out of their way to make sure everyone has a shitload of fun. Worst is maybe forgetting some words at Big Day Out. Pretty bad.

@!EX: If you had one goal for “Orphans Orphans” to achieve, what would it be?

Owning a sex temple on a rooftop in Tokyo.

@!EX: Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer these today. Cannot wait to hear more from you guys and to hear from the debut EP of yours has to offer. Hopefully get yo see you perform live for myself very soon. All the best guys.

SAM: Cheers! 

You can also grab the debut single Orphan on iTunes HERE.


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