She’s one of music’s powerhouse vocalist and has been the writing force behind some of pop’s biggest songs over the past decade, moving from her alternate-folk heavy past Aussie singer/songwriter “Sia” is ready to show the new generation just discovering her what she’s made of. “1000 Forms Of Fear” is Sia’s sixth studio album and follows up the 2010 album “We Are Born”. Sia’s known for her quirky persona her now refusal to perform face on to crowds and for that hit “Titanium” with David Guetta, but 1000 Forms Of Fear shows us a more stripped back true-to-form Sia and it’s beautiful.

The album opens with the radio friendly hit “Chandelier” a song that when boast powerful chorus vocals and a somewhat dark meaning behind the songs upbeat pop exterior which seems to be a theme running through the album. Sia hits some big notes and moves us through powerful ballads on tracks like “Big Girls Cry”, “Straight For The Knife” and a personal favourite “Eye Of The Needle”.

Tracks like “Hostage” a pop-rock track with a shoulder shaking beat stands out on the album as a track to listen to. It’s strange listening then really listening back to the lyrics of some of the tracks, some heavy topics are sung about but most people probably will just feel the fun vibe to the track and never realise. There’s a trip-pop RNB inspired track “Elastic Heart’ which has had a little tune up since it first appeared on the soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It’s another stand out on the track with a sway-able verse that leads up to an chorus of “I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart // but your blade it might be too sharp // I’m like a rubber band until you pull to hard // I may snap and I move too fast // but you won’t see me fall apart”.

I think what I love most about Sia is that she really doesn’t feel the need to have to write, or that she has to do anything. She’s cemented as one of the artist everyone goes to when they need a great track, she’s an accomplished vocalist really she is all set. She makes music because SHE wants to, not because someone tells her she has to be make some money (god knows she’s probably got enough of that from the royalties from the #1’s she’s written for others). 1000 Forms Of Fear is a great album and you’re probably going to listen to it if you want to or not because you’ll hear the hype about it and trust me it really is that good.

You can download 1000 Forms Of Fear by Sia now on iTunes or July 8th outside Australia HERE.



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