Whilst most 16 year old girls were obsessing over boys and school friends Ukraine born Sydney sider Elen Levon was inking her first solo record deal with Ministry Of Sound and working with the likes of Israel Cruz. That was back in 2011 and in the three years that have passed since Elen has gone on to release 6 solo singles  the single “Wild Child” which charted at 48 here in Australia but cracked #12 in the Italian iTunes chart which sparked her recent tour to Italy. This week Elen has released her latest single “Kingdom” (which you can watch below) a pop-rock inspired track with a feel good vibe and the it’s already hitting up the charts. Taking some time out of her schedule Elen took the time to answer some of my questions;

A: Hey Elen thanks for taking the time out of your schedule for us, you’ve been having a hecticly busy year so far how’s it all going?

E: My pleasure. Its going great, I have been travelling a lot which has been nice. Just got back from Italy and now about to go again.

A: You’ve just dropped the video for your new song which is called “Kingdom” and it’s a stunningly beautiful video. What was it like filming the video in Milan?

E: Thank you! It didn’t even feel like I was shooting a video because I just had a camera following me everywhere, which was weird at first since but I got used to the difference and Milan was spectacular.

A: You’re sound seems to have matured and changed since your earlier released like “Dancing To The Same Song” maybe it’s just me but your latest single “Kingdom” which is being released two days before your birthday on July 11th has a much more pop sound to it then your earlier more club/edm songs. Is that just a change that’s come with you growing up now?

E: Well to be honest I didn’t really know who I was at 16. I was fortunate enough to get a record deal but all I knew was that I loved performing and I love music. As you grow up in the business you realize that there is A LOT more to it. It is truly a life experience because you learn lessons and then you learn who you are. So I think I’m at a place now where I do know what kind of music I would like to make and release for the future.

A: It’s amazing because you’re only 19 and you’re already touring internationally! You’ve just completed a tour of Italy. What’s it like knowing your music is being played on these international markets and that you have the chance to actually go and tour there?

E: It’s very insane. I always dreamt of my music going global, but when it realistically runs to these unbelievable spots like Italy that I had never been to and just imagined what they would be like, its wonderful.

A: Is there a certain stage, venue or festival that is a dream of yours to be able to play at/on?

E: Madison Square Garden or just anything humungous would turn my childhood visions into reality.

A: There are a lot of female pop singers out there trying to make it at the moment but your sound really stands out amongst them. What influences your music?

E: Thank you so much. I don’t really know, I think everything that I am going through will always motivate what I’m creating in the moment. But I don’t know if I can explain what really puts the puzzle pieces together. It’s just a love for music really.

A: You’ve gained comparisons between yourself and artist like Havana Brown, Jessica Mauboy and even Kylie Minogue, do you mind being compared to artist like these? I imagine if must be a little daunting?

E: I don’t mind, no. There will always be comparisons and these girls are all very cool so that’s nice.

A: Do you have any plans for an Australian Tour now with “Kingdom” and can we expect to see an EP or LP release from you later in the year?

E: At this present moment it seems like most of this year will actually be overseas, but I hope an Aussie tour comes up. And I haven’t started to work on an EP or album yet but I think that’s coming up!

A: You’re live shows are always growing, do you think it’s important for artist to get out there and start doing live performances compared to being stuck in a studio always working?

E: Well for me, my passion grew on the stage, not so much in the studio, that grew as I got older and then my love for song writing came along with it. Unfortunately the past 1 to 2 years have been more about the studio than performing but I think that will change soon. I think it depends on what the artists prefers and loves more, for me that would be performing for sure.

A: You’ve been called one of Australia’s next big artist to watch. What can we expect in the future?

E: That’s very nice. I guess lots of music, some fun exciting collaborations and hopefully a lot of touring.

A: Finally just for fun, when you go on tour what are the five most important things you take with yourself?

E: Headphones, Throat coat tea, Candles, Ugh boots, they are so ugly but comfy, Yoga mat.

A: Thank you once again Elen for taking the time out of your schedule for us. We’re loving the new Track “Kingdom” which is out on July 11th and I hope that we can see you on stage again in Australia really soon

E: Thank you so much.

Preorder Elen Levons new single “Kingdom” which is out July 11th HERE!



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